Undecided collection

Undecided collection designed by Raffaella Mangiarotti and Ilkka Suppanen for Manerba. It  is a possible answer to the need for innovation in relationship between work space and domestic space. It is about private space and public space. It is place for connectivity and interaction. Undecided collection is where traditional office is turning into more feminine and colorful space, where comfortable and comforting aspects of home interiors are put into work environment. The upholstered parts which overlap want to be comfortable as to wear your favorite duvet jacket. The sofas and armchairs can have various heights of backrest. The user can choose the combination of size, height and color that fits needs best. The high, upholstered back is an invitation to carve out a private and reserved niche, where people can meet informally. A convenient and soundproof location, where we can talk face to face. The sofas and armchairs create privacy and intimacy in public place. Same time they offer acoustically protective place at home to be little more private and focused. The collection has wide range of colors and upholstery fabrics. It can be freely combined, from calm to very expressive to fit any architectural space and atmosphere. Armchairs come in two sizes: small and big. Sofas come with two or three seater size. The backrest can have two, three or four pillows height. So, each armchair and sofa has 3 backrest option. Backrest can be only partially in the sofa. As result you can have a dormeuse or chaise longue.

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